History of The Sabu Shake Sr. Memorial Fundraisers

Sabu Shake Sr. was a well-known restaurateur, family man and philanthropist who passed away on December 5, 1998. Sabu was well known for his compassion and generosity to those in need and would never let anyone go hungry. He enjoyed feeding people and offering them food or work to get them “back on their feet”. He offered them opportunities but most of all he offered them hope.

Sabu was well known for his compassion and generosity to those in need

After the death of Sabu in 1998, his sons Chris and Sabu wanted to carry on his tradition of giving back to the community and helping those in need and they wanted to do this in their father’s memory. In 1999, the first-year anniversary of Sabu’s death, they started a Sabu Shake Memorial Fundraiser at Christmastime to assist families during the holiday season as this is an emotional time for people and families who are struggling just to survive. In 2002, it was decided that The Salvation Army Monterey Corps would become the sole recipient of funds raised in memory of Mr. Shake. This was due to the fact that this was one of Mr. Shake’s favorite charities because they served the poor and needy and offered so many services to the community.

In 2008, Sabu Shake Jr. suggested that the Shake Family host a dinner/auction event called “Sabu’s Safari” to raise additional funds for The Salvation Army. This was a sold out event attended by over 300 people. It was such a huge success that it has been an annual sold-out event every year since raising substantial funds.

In 2012, Sabu Shake Jr. thought of hosting a Christmas Party for a Toy Drive for the children of the Monterey Peninsula. Every guest attending had to bring at least one present to the party. Since 2012 – 1395 toys have been collected and given to The Salvation Army to distribute to the children of our community.

In addition, a Turkey Drive for Thanksgiving was established to collect Turkeys for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Sabu Shake Jr. and Chris Shake challenged other business associates, friends and employees to contribute to the turkeys that are purchased. In 2012 – 540 turkeys were donated, in 2013 – a whopping 1468 turkeys were donated, in 2014 – 1391 turkeys, in 2015 - 1726 turkeys were collected and this past year 2016 – 1843 turkeys were given to The Salvation Army.

To date, the Sabu Shake Sr. Charitable Foundation have raised $4,013,919.00 for the benefit of The Salvation Army Monterey Corps which has helped so many local families and children in need.